Tony Tin

DDE (Student), MLS, MA, BA, BEd

Tony Tin

A dynamic, results-oriented library director with career long-successes in finding creative ways to apply technology solutions to a host of library and educational challenges. I think laterally and connect with my creativity and problem-solving skills. If I cannot find a solution, I create one! Recognized as an innovator on the use of emerging technologies for library services as evidenced by multiple awards for leadership of M-learning projects. I design, create and deploy new research models, prototypes and applications for maximum impact. To achieve this, I focus on key results, managing change effectively and building strong collaborative teams.

I have undertaken many leadership and supervisory positions in my career in various library settings and consulting opportunities. My personal and professional experiences have taught me the following:

I can successfully manage libraries of all types and sizes

  • I put the users at the center of all that I do
  • I excel at the execution of big ideas with given constraints
  • I strive to support excellence in library services by providing quality resources and services
  • I follow my instincts but I seek analytics and best practices to make decisions
  • I follow directives and believe anything is possible through passion, perseverance and hard work.

I can align, lead and grow high-performance teams

  • I lead by example and advocate for the team
  • I love leadership, but supporting the team to the next level gives me greater joy
  • I speak from my heart and encourage open and honest communication
  • I know my team’s strength, and capitalize on their strengths to empower them
  • I tell great stories that inspire others

I educate, refine and drive myself to be a better person

  • I am constantly learning because I believe in self-improvement
  • I focus on making high-quality decisions
  • I try to maintain my sense of humor, even in challenging situations.

Professional Skills

|Library Management| Database Searching |User Experience (UX) Design| |Analytics| Data Visualization |Collection Development | Marketing | |Training/Instruction| Strategic Planning | Budgeting & Financial | |Planning | Digitization Strategy | Mobile Deployment | SaaS | |Project Management | Copyright and Database Licensing |

Technical Knowledge

|Integrated Library Systems | Digital Asset Tools | Cloud-based | Infrastructure | Archival Software | Repository Platform| Content | Management Software | Cataloguing/Metadata Standards | Discovery| Services | Learning Management Software | Programming | E-Journal and E-Book Publishing Platforms | VR/AR Creation Tool |