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DDE (student), MLS, MA, BEd, MA
Renison University College
 240 Westmount Road North
 Waterloo, Ontario. Canada N2L 3G4
 Phone: 519-884-4404 Ext:28687 (Office)
E-mail: tony.tin@uwaterloo.ca
Leadership E-Portfolio: http://www.tonytin.com
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/tonytin



  • Over sixteen years of leadership and supervisory experience in post-secondary education, K-12 schools, public and special libraries.

  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of adult learning theory and practice; information literacy theory; best library practice and assessment techniques; virtual reference services; integrated library system; current cataloguing practice; discovery accesscopyright and database licensing practices; and current trends in distance and networked learning.

  • Demonstrated successes in the development and implementation of new technologies and innovative services in an academic library environment.

  • Strong commitment to the librarians' teaching role in the University; thorough knowledge of learner support services in higher education, such as counselling, tutoring and writing services, etc.

  • Well-developed communication skills have produced excellent rapport with educators, researchers, students and general public and allowed facilitation and consensus-building among diverse groups.

  • Extensive experience with web 2.0 and multimedia technologies, including social media, mobile learning, open educational resources, massive open online courses, presentation tools and media production tools.

  • Extensive record of research and scholarship in E-learning and digital librarianship.

  • Demonstrated ability to manage time and multiple projects simultaneously, set and accomplish goals, meet deadlines.

  • Known for curiosity, perseverance and ability to find alternatives to achieve desired results; excellent organizational skills, dynamic, punctual, and dependable.

  • Experience with grant writing.





2010 - Present

Athabasca, Alberta

Doctor of Distance


Edmonton, Alberta

Master of Library and Information Studies

Edmonton, Alberta

Bachelor of Education
With Distinction
Major: Social Studies

Edmonton, Alberta

History (Ph.D. ABD)

Montreal, Quebec

Master of Arts

Montreal, Quebec

Bachelor of Arts
With Honours
History and East Asian Studies






  • Knowledge of online cataloguing practice including RDA, MARC standards, AACR2

  • Knowledge and experience with digital library tools, formats, standards, including Z39.50, OAI, PURL, OpenURL, Harvester, and Proxy

  • Knowledge of evolving metadata standards and best practices, including Dublin Core, METS. DTD, MODS

  • Knowledge of Open Access E-journal publishing tools such as OJS and ÉRUDIT

  • Knowledge of distance learning courseware such as Desire2Learn, Moodle, WebCT, and Lotus Notes

  • Knowledge and experience with:
    • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows Server, OpenBSD, IOS, Android
    • Infrastructure: Apache, Tomcat, LDAP, Uportal
    • Programming: ASP, Java, PhP, Perl, ColdFusion, Java Script, HTML5
    • Database: MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL,Oracle


2013 -

Waterloo, Ontario
Director, Library and Information Services

  • Responsible for the provision of Library services to all members of the Renison University College community and for the on-going development of the library collection in support of the College's academic programs, teaching, learning and research activities
  • Repsonsible for managing and planning all sapects of the lbirary and archives operation including budget, personnel, services and program, long range planning and development
  • Oversees all functions relating to circulation, reserve, ordering and tracking, ctaloguing and processing
  • Delivers library research instruction in various formats
2007 - 2013

Athabasca, Alberta
Head, Digital Initiatives and Electronic Resources

  • Provided leadership, expertise and coordination for Library's digital
    initiatives, electronic resources, library gateway and digital repository development and mobile learning projects, and supervision of the Library's Digitization Unit
  • Coordinated and evaluated online information literacy and library
    instruction program, including development of instructional materials in various formats (print, web, multimedia)
  • Led in planning, implementation, management and evaluation of Library’s digital initiatives including development of a digitization portal website, coordination of digitization projects (art images, special collections, audio and video formats), digital object management and services, and liaison with the community and regional groups
  • Provided reference assistance to students, faculty, staff and community patrons
  • Represented Library on provincial, national and consortium committees (LHCADL, Synergies, COPPUL) and provides technical leadership for digital initiatives
  • Provided leadership for the library web presence, including coordination of a large complex database-driven library website which serves as a "Gateway" to all library resources and services, including  E-course reserve, AUSpace and  digital object repository in support of teaching, learning, research, and scholarly communication
  • Provided leadership and hands-on support for innovative use of mobile and emerging web technologies to enhance library services
2001 - 2007

Athabasca, Alberta
Head, Digital Initiatives and Electronic Resources

  • Managed the day-to-day operations and workflow supporting the selection, purchasing, licensing, access and maintenance of electronic resources and serials in all formats
  • Provided collection development support and information literacy Instruction
  • Provided reference assistance to students, faculty, staff and community patrons
  • Consulted on metadata schema and workflows with staff engaged in repository and digital collections projects across the Libraries

1998 -2001

Regina, Saskatchewan
Multimedia Consultant

  • Developed and maintained the Evergreen Curriculum Online
  • Provided leadership related to instruction utilizing multimedia and electronic learning resources
  • Represented Saskatchewan Education in local, regional provincial (Multitype Library) database licensing consortia
  • Planned, developed and implemented an in-service program in support of the Evergreen Curriculum and integration of technology in schools
  • Planned, developed and implemented online distance education programs

1997 - 1998

Tisdale, Saskatchewan
Resource-based Learning Consultant

  • Provided consultative services to four school divisions regarding school librarianship, technology integration and infrastructure
  • Networked resources among teachers, schools, and systems
  • Planned, and implemented an Internet training program for school staff within the systems
  • Co-ordinated and evaluated school library services within the system 
  • Planned and implemented a technology plan for the systems

1992 - 1997

Valleyview, Alberta
Teacher-Librarian/Social Studies Teacher

  • Taught Grade 7, IOP, and Grade 10 Social Studies courses
  • Planned, developed and coordinated school library services
  • Planned and implemented a distance learning and computer managed instructional program for the school

1991 - 1992

Fox Creek, Alberta
Teacher-Librarian/Head Librarian

  • Planned, developed and coordinated library services in the school and municipal library
  • Planned and implemented the library automation project for the joint school-municipal library

1990 - 1991

Edmonton, Alberta
Library Consultant

  • Developed a CD ROM information library and provided instruction to officers and staff
  • Established and implemented an inventory control system for departmental publications
  • Developed and enhanced the business intelligence systems and databases to support the department's key business functions
  • Prepared a policy and procedure manual for ISTC library

1990 - 1991

Faculty of Library and Information Studies
Edmonton, Alberta
Research Assistant

  • Conducted research on materials related to Canadian future research
  • Compiled a bibliography on materials relating to futures research

1990 - 1991

Edmonton, Alberta
Reference Librarian (Part-time)

  • Executed the provision of reference service at desk and over the telephone
  • Assisted in the provision of service at the Reserve Desk and Special Collections area

1989 - 1989

Edmonton, Alberta
Project Consultant

  • Served as a liaison between Alberta Culture and Chinese community in Edmonton
  • Translated and edited Heritage Language Curriculum


  • Member, Saskatchewan Teachers" Federation
  • Member, Alberta Teacher Association
  • Member, Canadian Library Association



Refereed Conference Papers and Presentations: 


Book and Book Chapters    


Referred Journal Articles and Conference Proceedings  






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Mobile Learning Projects:

  • 2011   $6,000 (1 year). MCR grant with Dr. Mohamed Ally. The e-Book Reader: Affordances of Mobile Technology for the Needs of Senior Users resulted in conference presentation and publication.

  • 2011   $450,000 (3 years). Canadian Foundation of Innovation Grants. Conducted research and launched pilot projects to facilitate mobile language and workplace training.

  • 2011   $5,000 (1 year). APP Development Projects. Pilot projects aimed at learning how to produce usable apps for education, showing that apps can be produced in-house at low cost.

  • 2011   $5,000 (1 year). AVPR Grant: Several pilot projects to investigate app development for AU and to build capacity in that area.

  • 2011   $8,000 (1 year). CMNS 610 app pilot Grant. Development of a Canadian film app for students in a graduate course.

  • 2011   $6,000 (1 year). Mobile Health and Wellness app.  Project to support mobile wellness and health, winning a University award.

  • 2012   $5,000 (1 year). Edmonton Mennonite Centre.  App development for Workplace Language for Accountants and established an MOU umbrella for future activities.

  • 2012   $5,000 (1 year). Autism App: Development of an app for a course aimed at teachers of autistic children.

  • 2012   $10,000 (1 year). QR Coding Project with Town of Athabasca. Funded by the Town and by Alberta Tourism to QR code historical landmarks of the town.

  • 2015   $10,000 (1 year). Network for Aging Research (NAR) Emerging Scholar Mentorship Award. Funded by the Network for Aging Research to conduct research on app-based learning to support wellness and health for senior.

  • 2015   $1,000 (1 year). Renison University College Research Grant. Conduct research on the use of mobile technology to facilitate information literacy skills training.

  • 2016   $3,000 (Event Grant). East Meets West Healthy Aging Practices (Saturday, June 18, 2016). Funded by University of Waterloo Network for Aging Research.

  • 2016   $5,000 (1 year). Information Literacy Skills on the Go: Mobile Learning Innovation. Funded by University of Waterloo Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) Grants.

  • 2016   $199,027 (3 years). Digital Oral Histories for Reconciliation: The Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children History Education Initiative. Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

  • 2017   $88,990 (1 year). Foundations for Academic Success: Innovative Mobile Learning to Enhance Academic Integrity. Funded by the eCanpus Ontario Research and Innovation Grants.

Digital Repository Projects:

  • 2010   $350,000 (5 years). Bibliography of the Athabasca River Basin. Funded by the Imperial Oil Foundation to develop an open access, on-line and searchable database of all the published materials that deal with the Athabasca River Basin.deal with the Athabasca River Basin.

  • 2010   $20,000 (2 years). UNESCO's OER Knowledge Cloud Repository. Development of an open access repository to support research on Open Educational Resources.

Open Access E-Journal Publishing Projects:

  • 2010   $500,000 (5 years). Synergies E-Journal projects: Support open access journal development and scholarly communicatione.

Digital Collection Projects:

  • 2008   $50,000 (1 year). Community Initiatives Grant. Creation of the Alberta Women's Institutes digital collection. 

  • 2009   $200,000 (3 years) Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digitization Portal Project. Funded by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology to digitize and preserve the legacy of the past for future learners.

  • 2010   $250,000 (3 years). Connecting Canadians: Canada's Multicultural Newspapers Project. Funded by Department of Canadian Heritage to digitize newspapers published in the heritage language of the Canadian ethics community.

  • 2012   $6,000 (1 year). Alberta Foundation for the Arts.  Development of  an interactive website for teachers, students and the general public to learn more about art online and enhance the AU's online profile.

  • 2013   $1,000 (6 months). The Alberta Law Foundation E-Text Project: Initiative to support AU faculty members to publish e-texts on legal topics.

  • 2014   $10,000 (1 year) Bishop Renison Foundation Grant. Initiative to organize and digitize the Bishop Renison archive housed at the Renison University College Library.
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