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Tony Tin is the Director of Library and Information Services at Renison Universtiy College, a federated college within University of Waterloo. Tony is responsibile for managing the Library Services and on-going development of the library collection in support of the university college's academic programs and research activities.

Prior to his Renison appointment, Tony was the Head, Digital Initiatives and Electronic Resources at Athabasca University (AU) Library, where he oversees the library's digital preservation, repository development, electronic publishing, mobile library, metadata harvesting service, and other digitization initiatives.  

The growing capabilities and user base of mobile devices is underserved by the education community.  This is especially challenging given that the student population is more nomadic and short on time. Tony is very passionate about harnessing the power of mobile devices for education, training and research.  He has considerable experience in the use of mobile technology in learning. The mobile learning projects (Mobile library, Mobile English and French lessons, as well as Mobile workplace training) that Tony has spearheaded are helping to close the gap between education and the mobile demands of students that want to access just in time information and learn anytime/anywhere. Tony is the technical led of the University of Waterloo's mobile learning project, Foundations of Academic Success: Innovative Mobile Learning to Enhance Academic Integrity which received the eCampus Ontario Research and Innovation Grants in 2017. The mobile Academic Integrity App project also won the Internatonal e-learning Award in 2018 and the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education Award in Excellence and Innovation in the Integration of Technology in a partnership in 2019. Tony co-ordinated Athabasca University’s mobile learning projects, which won the International E-Learning Association's E-learning Award (Mobile Learning) 2012. His Mobile Library project received the Canadian Library Association Library Research and Development Grant Award in 2006. His Mobile ESL project received an honorable mention for Excellence and Innovation in Use of Learning Technology from the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education in 2008. In 2012 he won the AU wellness Award by designing and developing an IOS app to promote health and wellness in the work place. Tony has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and strong commitment to excellence in student services. In 2002, he was honoured as recipient of the AU Sue and Derrick Rowlandson Memorial award for service excellence. He attained his Master of Library and Information Sciences from University of Alberta, Master of Arts in History from McGill University, Bachelor of Arts in History from McGill University and Bachelor of Education in Social Studies and school librarianship from University of Alberta. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Distance Education degree from Athabasca University.  He has published articles and book chapters and presented at conferences on topics such as library technology, digital libraries, and mobile learning. Tony was a featured speaker at The Asian Conference on Language Learning and The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom 2015, discussing “Using Mobile Technology in Information Literacy Skills Training to Enhance Students Learning Experience.”





Tony is a recognized global leader in leveraging the latest innovative mobile technologies to support teaching and learning and in integrating research from mobile technologies into working systems, models and practices.  Working with the Athabasca University mobile learning team and researchers, he took the leadership role to:

  • analyze issues and trends in mobile learning development
  • examine the needs of students and educators for accessing learning resources using mobile devices
  • identify the best mobile learning technologies, practices and models.
  • identify the criteria and assessment tools used to determine the best mobile learning technologies, practices and models
  • determine which library services and resources need to be developed to contribute to an effective mobile library
  • explore the possibilities, benefits and challenges for mobile learning
  • develop a strategic plan or framework to sustain mobile learning development in AU and Canada

Since 2006, Tony has taken the leadership role in a number of mobile learning projects. His participation in these projects has provided him with practical experience in mobile learning development and project management.  He has been involved in all aspects of these projects from initial design, through developing prototypes and working systems, co-ordinating pilot testing, disseminating project findings, and acting as project leader. These projects have been highly successful, resulting in numerous publications, awards, and publicity for AU’s Library Services and the institution. These projects include:


News Coverage


Canadian Business article about AU Mobile Library


Publications and Presentations:

  • Mobile English as Second Language (2007)- With text-based, interactive content, designed for basic mobile devices. This first part of the project involved the conversion of eighty-six, text-based grammar lessons into interactive learning modules. It was designed especially for new Canadians needing ESL training to enter the workforce, adult learners needing skills updated and all others who might want free and easy access to grammar lessons. The project received the 2008 CNIE Excellence and Innovation in Use of Learning Technology Award.


News Coverage


Edmonton Journal article about AU Mobile ESL Project


CBC news story about AU Mobile ESL Project


Publications and Presentations:


  • Mobile Workplace English (2008)- Mobile ESL with content fine-tuned for use in the workplace plus multimedia content (audio and video lessons) works with basic mobile devices and smart phones. Using feedback from the first phase of the project, AU designed a site with workplace specific situations and vocabulary. Comprehension through video and audio exercises based on situations that could be encountered daily were added to increase the usability of the content.




Lac La Biche Post article about Mobile Workplace English



YouTube about AU Mobile Workplace English


    Publications and Presentations:  

URL: http://www.wpeau.ca/


  • Mobile French as Second Language (2010)- French Language Content developed for beginners. Grammar and audio exercises. This five lesson module was the first designed especially for the iPhone. Listening and sentence structure exercises were designed to improve comprehension in beginners.

URL: http://fslau.ca/

Publications and Presentations:  

  • Mobile ICTESL (2013)- English Learning for Information and Computer Technology. Mobile lesson contains helpful grammar, vocabulary and readings to assist computer industry worker with learning ESL in an Information and Communications Technology environment. This innovative project is funded and supported by UNESCO.

URL: http://ictesl.athabascau.ca/


  • E-Book Research (2011) - Connecting older adults to the internet world using E-book reader.

Publications and Presentations:


  • Mobile Health and Wellness (2011) - Design and develop an IOS app to promote health and wellness in the work place. (Reminding and teaching of simple exercises that can be completed  at the workplace with a mobile device)




URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gbqho1132Q


Publications and Presentations:

  • Ellerman, E., Tin, T., &  Collins, N. (2011). Using a mobile Wellness App to deliver health and wellness

    education in the Workplace.Mission Critical Research. Athabasca, Athabasca University.  

  • Ellerman, E., Tin, T., & Woodburn, T. (2012). AU mobile Wellness App. M-Libraries Conference, Milton

    Keynes, UK.


Canadian Film Online iPad App (2011) -Created an iPad app to promote app-based learning of Canadian film. The app includes information, interview videos of Canadian film producers, links to Canadian film journals, course materials, and Internet resources.


URL: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/canfilm/id457316427?mt=8

Video: Canfilm App Demo

Publications and Presentations:

Ellerman, E., & Tin, T. (2011). Athabasca University Canadian film iPad app.

AVPR Special Research Opportunities Fund. Athabasca,

Athabasca University.


Quick Response (QR) code Project (2012) -Designed and developed a QR code system to deliver digital contents such as video to mobile users with QR code readers.  Partnership with the Town of Athabasca to deploy the use of QR code technologies for local tourism.

URL: https://qr.athabascau.ca


Mobile Qi Gong Project (2013) - In partnership with Canadian Chinese Health Qi Gong Organization, designed and developed a mobile wellness app to remind and teach simple Qi Gong exercises that can be practised anytime, anywhere using mobile device.

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mobileqigong/id858352805?ls=1&mt=8



Video: Mobile Qi Gong App Demo

Project Website: https://uwaterloo.ca/qigong-wellness/

Publications and Presentations:

Tin, T., & McMillian C. (2015). Mobile Wellness Innovation: A Qi Gong app to improve

NFC Smartbook Project (2014) - Designed and developed a library smartcard with QR code and built-in NFC chip to provide mobile access to the text, Dance: Five steps to living your best life.



Publications and Presentations:

Tin T. (2014). NFC innovaton at Renison University College. In McHugh T., & Yammy K.

Video: NFC Smartbook Demo


Mobile Informaton Literacy Project (2015) - Collaborative project between Renison University College faculty and Library to develop a tool and strategies for enhancing student information literacy skills to support anytime, anywhere information literacy training through mobile technology.

Project Site:http://renmil.ca/


Video: Mobile information Literarcy in action

Publications and Presentations:

Tin, T. (2015). Using mobile technology in information literacy skills training to enhance

Tin T., Schmidt Hanbidge, A & Sanderson, N. (2015). Using mobile technology to

Renison staff and faculty member team receives Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) Grants Award. University of Waterloo (2016):


New Release


LIbrary IT support team for the 19th biennial Conference of the Canadian History of Education Association. University of Waterloo (2016):


Tony Tin (Left) with Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur (Middle), President,

University of Waterloo and Student IT support Team.

New Release

RSpace Institutional Repository Project (2016) - RSpace is an open access institutional repository provided by the Lusi Wong Library for scholarly research produced by members of the Renison University College community. It enables members of the Renison University College community to post, organize and preserve their research and publication online.



Publications and Presentations:

Tin, T., & Horman M. (2017). RSpace: A Responsive Institutional Repository that Supports

Foundations for Academic Success: Innovative Mobile Learning to Enhance Academic Integrity (2018) - The project objectives are to develop strategies for enhancing student academic integrity (AI) knowledge and understanding by employing open access mobile technology with an innovative pedagogical approach. It will explore the best strategies, from a student user perspective, for accessing, delivering, assessing, and learning this information with mobile technology (m-learning). The project is funded by the eCampus Ontario Innovation and Research Grants.

New Release

Video: Mobile Academic Integrity app in action

Apple App store download:


Google Play Store download:                                                        



eBadges for Integrity Matters: Academic Integrity Research Study (2018) - Want to show the world how knowledgeable you are about academic integrity? Want to prove that you can explore and assess scenarios ethically? You can earn a digital badge when you successfully complete the six modules in the open access digital IntegrityMatters App.

New Release

Video: How to claim you digital badge

Publications and Presentations:

ecampus Ontario (2019). EdTech Sandbox Report and Recommendation.

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